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In the year 1962, Late Shri J.N Dang started a small dairy products' firm under the name of PUNJAB DAIRY FARM. From then on, with hardwork, honesty and integrity we have grown and started our own automatic manufacturing plant. The milk is procured directly from the farmers and is tested for its purity and quality. Our brand name 'KHAJURAHO' is well received and is known not only in MP but nearby states.

We have increased our product line which includes Ghee, Milk, curd, paneer, flavoured milk, lassi, butter milk, etc. Also, opened retail stores.

The customers' confidence in our products keeps us strong and motivated. Our constant effort is to deliver quality product to our customers. We have made 'Quality our Habit'. The company is poised to bring about consistent quality improvements in its products and services at a rapid pace.

what we do

We Are Trusted By More Than 500k Clients

1. To be a leading brand in implementing modern technologies & benchmark practices Extending sale of our products across India & abroad

2. To enhance living standards of the farmers by encouraging them for dairy farming by partnering with them on various fronts

3. To implement best dairy farm management systems by adopting loose housing barns method thus ensuring healthy animals resulting in lowering of production cost and increase in productivity

1. We will provide premium quality products at a reasonable price to end customer.

2. We will endeavor to improve living standards of Indian cattle farmers, by reducing the cost of production through efficient use of technologies and systems.

3. To guide the milk producers for converting their farms into organic farms for production of organic milk.

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